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Behind the Scenes of My #Bookstagram Account

Posted August 28, 2019 by Fictional Fox in Bookish Adventures, Uncategorized / 2 Comments

I started my bookstagram account a few months ago because my friend challenged me to. Bookstagram actually became the subject of her dissertation. I’ve always enjoyed bookstagram feeds myself so it made sense to give it a go. I’ve really enjoyed the experience so far and had lots of friendly comments. It’s a very positive community (from what I’ve seen).

What I want to show today is what I do behind the scenes.

The calm before the photos

When it’s a nice, bright, sunny day its the perfect conditions for taking photos in my garden. It’s a bit of a cumbersome task to get everything outside and setup because I need:

  • The Backdrop
  • Camera
  • Props
  • Books

For my bookstagram setup my dad made a purple quick assembly backdrop for me (he’s a crafty one). I’m trying to go for a semi-uniform look on my feed so the backdrop helps gives some consistency. The setup is basically three bits of wood that fit together. Over the next few months we are going to make a blue one and a pink one as well so I can experiment with some different colours.

Here you can see a pulled back view of my assembled setup and then an example of a photo taken in it:

There is the added obstacle of a very nosy dog to contend with during every photo shoot. This week Willow decided to put a big wet paw print on my setup 🤦‍♀️.

Dogs, eh.

I haven’t perfected my photo taking yet but I hope it will come in time. I try to take quite a few different photos in one go. Not all of them will make the cut so I try to take photos at a few different angles and with different props so I can pick through them later.

See below for a taste of the different shots I went through to try and get a photo of The Modern Faeries Tales by Holly Black omnibus that I was happy with:

Once the photos are taken I edit them in Lightroom where I fiddle with the colours a lot.

After they are edited I queue them up as drafts on Instagram which helps give me a sense of how they will look on my feed. Then, voila! You get to see them day by day.

I’m by no means an expert on any of this but I do find bookstagram quite fun and hope to grow and develop it over time. Feel free to check out my #bookstagram account @fictionalfox 🦊 to follow my progress.

#ITravelByBook This August

Posted August 22, 2019 by Fictional Fox in Bookish Adventures / 0 Comments

August is fast approaching it’s end but there are still a few things to celebrate! 1) It’s my birthday on Sunday, hurrah! 2) It’s a bank holiday in the UK on Monday.

To celebrate I’m having the whole of next week to myself. No work, no stress. To add a bit of fun, though, I’ve created a bit of a reading challenge for myself. If you’d like to join in, feel free.

What’s it all about?

The premise of this readathon is to travel around the fictional Isle of August by book. Each book read during the readathon allows me to tick off a destination on the map below. How many areas can I visit over the next few days?

From the tranquil sea air on Dusky Beach to the heights of Butterfly Mountain- there’s no end of fun to be had on this journey.


Friday 23rd August @ 00:01 UK time – Friday 30th August @ 23:59 UK time.

The Rules

The maximum number of destinations on the map is ten (which is very wishful thinking on my part :P).

Any format of ‘book’ will do for any destination. There’s no genre restrictions – it can be a volume of manga, a novel, a short story, completed audiobook. Anything goes really because essentially this is just a bit of fun!

If you want to try it yourself but want more of a challenge, why not try for a book that makes you think of the destination you’re visiting- such as a beach read for ‘Dusky Beach’ and a story featuring pirates for ‘Sailaway Cove’. Maybe go for a book with animals in it for ‘Fox Hideaway’ and try for a book set in a quaint town for ‘River Town’.

But that’s just some of my suggestions. I think it’s fun to let loose, get creative and tell your own story with the books you choose to read for each destination.

And don’t forget to give yourself a stamp on your passport for everywhere you stop at!

Follow My Travels

I’ll be posting as I go using the hashtag #itravelbybookreadathon on Twitter and Instagram. I will also post updates here.

Talk To Me

Have you ever created a reading challenge for yourself? Let me know. Also feel free to join me on this bookish adventure if you want to.