Spookalicious Cakes

Posted October 30, 2019 by Fictional Fox in Personal / 1 Comment

It’s Halloween Eve so me and my mum decided to bake some spooky treats to celebrate (no thanks to my dog, Willow, who tried to sabotage the whole operation on a few occasions).

We went big on the chocolate when making these cakes. We made chocolate cupcakes with chocolate topping, using a white chocolate pen to make a few different decorations-we’ve got skeletons, webs, bats and ghosts.

I am not an expert cake decorator- this was just a bit of fun! But I’m pretty happy with how these cupcakes turned out. I was going for a cute, homemade look ;).

I wasn’t sure about my skeletons when I was drawing them but on the cakes I think they look pretty cute!

For the bats we used chocolate buttons for ears. We did bats last year and I just think they look super sweet with their little ears and fangs (obvs they are vampire bats)

The ghosts were a late addition to the range because I only thought to make them near the end. They took up quite a bit of the contents of what I had left in my chocolate pen though so that was probably for the best!

I’m going to bring them into work tomorrow as a surprise. My colleagues are fiends when it comes to treats and snacks so hopefully they will enjoy these spooky cupcakes.

Have you made Halloween themed cakes before?

Lauren x

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