My Favourite Games: The Sims 4

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My favourite game right now is The Sims 4. I have enjoyed Sims games for years, but I usually get obsessed for a few days and then don’t play it for months. Recently I’ve been playing it every other day. Suffice to say that I have fallen hard down the rabbit hole this time.

One of the main fuels to my obsession is The Sims 4 YouTube community. The first Sims YouTuber I watched was Plumbella. Her videos are brilliant. She does a mixture builds, playthroughs and ‘history of’ videos (amongst others). I really recommend checking her channel out. She’s very entertaining and you feel like you’re watching a friend. Plus, she loves Harry Potter – I can relate.

My second Sims YouTuber find was lilsimsie, who also does a variety of videos. She is a brilliant builder and has a Sims save file where she has renovated every world in The Sims 4. It’s amazing.

I use the lilsimsie save for my games now. I’m also a bit of a custom content addict now, my favourite cc is the Pufferhead pack which features Harry Potter inspired content. It has a seriously excellent variety and stuff and Create-a-Sim content. It’s EXCELLENT and I use stuff from it everywhere in my builds now. Especially the ‘clutter’ like the snow globes and postcards that help make homes feel more lived in.

My Current Attempt at Building a Harry Potter Themed Home

I’m trying to build a Harry Potter inspired haven for one of Sims families at the moment. This is their Hufflepuff inspired dorm room:

I am in love with this room because it feels so cosy. It also has balcony attached which is full of plants-perfect for a Hufflepuff to escape to nature.

For the living room I went with a Gryffindor common room vibe:

At the moment I am also working on a Slytherin dorm room and a Ravenclaw themed tower room for hobbies. Developing their home is super fun.

The Family

The family living in my HP wonderland is two siblings. Both of them are witches who have moved in together to concentrate on controlling their powers while also taking up creative pursuits.


First we have Alice who is a writer by trade. She writes children’s books. Alice is kind of a mix between a grownup Alice from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Sabrina from Sabrina the Teenage Witch.

Her traits are: art lover, cheerful and creative. She’s also gregarious.


Alistair, meanwhile, is an artist by trade but he would like to become an actor. His traits are loner, neat and creative. He is also a muser. He is happiest when he’s left alone to be creative but he does enjoy his sister’s company.

Luckily, they live in quite a large house so it’s not too difficult for Alice to give him some space when he needs it.

They are a very positive and cheerful family unit. Both of them enjoy creative outlets and hobbies so between them they are constantly generating bits of art. I can’t wait to keep playing with them and develop their story.

I’m hoping to give them a dog soon which should make things even funner around the house.

Do you play The Sims 4? Let me know in the comments.

Lauren x

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